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2020-10-13 news

EkoWital on the BIOEXPO 2020


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2020-09-18 news

We respect the environment - we pack ecologically

Biodegradable nets are made of plant-based fibers and are produced in a responsible manner for environmental sustainability....

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2020-08-27 news

BabyBio - new supplier of EkoWital

BabyBio - French producer of organic foods fo children....

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2020-08-19 news

Vegetables and fruits - the basis of the daily diet

Eating vegetables and fruits every day has a positive effect on the functioning of our body...

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2020-07-20 news

A fresh delivery of tasty grapes

BIO light and dark grapes available at EkoWital...

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2020-07-13 news

Casa Del Fermentino - new partner of EkoWital

We are pleased to inform you that we have in offer of new brand products - Casa Del Fermentino...

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2020-06-04 news

Welcome another supplier among EKOWITAL partners

I Love Humus - new supplier EKOWITAL ...

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2020-03-31 news


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2020-02-18 news

Eko-Wital at BIOFACH 2020 Exhibition.

The BIOFACH 2020 in Nuremberg has finished on the last week....

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