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2015-11-20 news

You can meet us this weekend in Warsaw, Bielsko Biala and ... Lisbon!

We invite you to visit our stands on The Free From Fest in Warsaw, EKOstyl in Bielsko Biała and Agriculture and Agricultural Food Exhibition in Lisbon, see you this weekend!...

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2015-10-22 news

We've just received a news that this year's first organic pomegranate crop from capital of this gorgeous fruits - Azerbaijan, goes to Eko-Wital!

After long expectations for the new harvest, it happened! This years the first juice from organic pomegranates from Azerbaijan will go to Poland and we will be happy to transfer it to you :)...

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2015-10-09 news

Construction of a new warehouse already on finish, we're counting the days to move!

In November Eko-Wital will open a new office on Annopol 3, until then we invite you to see the photos!...

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2015-10-07 news

EkoWital on NATURA FOOD 2015

As every year in Lodz take place the biggest trade fair of organic and regional products in Poland and like every year we could not miss it!...

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2015-09-07 news

MNIAM! The new brand of organic baby products is here!

Mniam Bio is the highest quality organic baby products. In the first serie are available dinners, fruit spreads and fruit drinks for children from 5 month...

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2015-08-13 news

Another product from our offer appreciated by the parents!

If you are ready for the jurney, the bigger for holidays or just for small trip - you should carry something tasty and healthy. It is best to have near a snack that will not only satisfy the small hunger...

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2015-07-15 news

Banana Bread with Rice Dream Original with Calcium

The moist, almost gooey texture of this "bread" comes from the use of very ripe bananas. Perfect for breakfast or a tea time snack, one could say it is a cross between a cake and a muffin....

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2015-06-12 news

Angelina is gaining appreciation among parents of toddlers!

In the first months of life it is very important that everything we give infant was the highest quality - to put in a small belly just the best quality ingredients....

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2015-05-27 news

Wheaty vegan products avaliable from June!

The best meat alternative - vegan products based on wheat protein. ...

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2015-05-25 news

BBQ season with EkoWital

Organic ketchup and mayonnaise EkoWital is now avaliable! Discover the quality of our products!...

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2015-05-24 news

EkoWital on Gluten Free Expo III

Our Representatives hosted you at the third edition of Gluten Free Expo in Warsaw, see the photo report from the fair...

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2015-05-11 news

Our products on the Internet

what is the parents opinion of EkoWital juices in the Internet - sosrodzice.pl portal...

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2015-02-10 news

Fruit puree On The Go!

00% organic Clearspring fruit puree now available in tubes that you can take with you anywhere! To work, to school, on a trip!...

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